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future of jazz


Jazz is a music genre that have rich and colorful past, but jazz music now and the future of jazz looks pretty bright too, because this style of music is no where near the end and people will keep playing jazz for a long, long time.

Historically jazz as a music style originated in the very end of 19th century and in the start of 20th century. Then it was mainly a music style that was played in African – American communities, but later grew as an lone standing and strong music genre that is now loved by millions of people all over the world.

Jazz music have kept evolving and changing over the years but it has never lost its appeal, rhythm and melodies that are the most exciting parts of jazz music. In the past jazz could be heard only in jazz clubs where it needed to be played live and although nowadays with technology jazz music can now be heard in vinyl, CD, DVD forms and even over the radio, a good live jazz performance won’t ever go out of style and will never die. And that is the first prediction about jazz music in the future. Although types of listening devices can and will keep evolving and there will be new ways of listening all music including jazz, nothing will replace live jazz performance even in the future.

I think that jazz is one of those music styles that will always keep changing and bettering itself, because jazz can be influenced by all of the other music styles from pop to country. So jazz will only continue to grow as a music genre and will keep taking up a good chunk of so called classical music. But even now we can see and will continue to see how jazz steps out of classical music genre and stands on its own alongside rock, pop and country. The main reason for this is that people like jazz as soothing or energizing music. You can listen to it when you are sad or when you are happy. Moreover jazz is one of those music styles that you can’t get bored with because jazz is heavily based on improvisations, so you may never hear two completely identical jazz songs in live performances.

And of course the way of playing jazz will also change. Not only devices we listen music on are evolving but also the music instruments that we play the music on are evolving. These instruments and their accessories are becoming better, more advanced and therefore the quality of music and the range of music you can play on them only increases. With this comes not only new ways of playing buy new aspects to music in general and to jazz specifically, because jazz is an instrument music style that is based on many different music instruments and strong voices.

These few predictions may or may not come true in the near or not so near future, but one thing to remember is that jazz won’t ever stand still in one place. Whether it will be through improvisation, music instrument change or added voice, jazz keeps and will keep changing and evolving.

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