Why is music inspiering?

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Music. It is everywhere. Weather you go to a store, to a restaurant, sit in your car in a traffic jam or chill at home, chances are that music is playing in the background. But why do we as human beings like to listen to music so much?

I think the answer lies in the fact that music is so very inspiring and uplifting, because those are the reasons why we listen to music in the first place. But why does music seem so inspiring and uplifting to us? What makes music so special?

The biggest reason why music is in fact able to inspire us to create, to write, to make art and to lift our spirits even in the worst of the days is that music is able to create emotions and in return emotions make us feel in a certain way. So that means that music is able to make us feel. It is a simple as that. For example, if the music is in minor scale and sounds sad then automatically when you listen to it you sound sad to, but when music is created in a major scale and it is happy, bright and fun we feel that way too.

And if music is able to cause these emotions why not inspire us and lift us up. Even if there isn’t an uplifting or inspiring music genre, we all have those songs that when we listen to them we instantly feel inspired and feel much better even if your day sucked. For me one of these songs are Alive by Empire of the Sun. It is the ultimate summer jam that makes me feel free, happy and also inspired to go and do something for myself, to create something new, usually thats music and songs.

I bet that you in your Ipod, on your phone or in your Spotify play-list too have a few of those songs that when they come on you just feel that much better. And isn’t it great that music can instantly lift you up and inspire you?

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