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Music has long been linked with increased focus and creativity and different music types produce different results where one genre is calming and thought provoking than the other pumps you up and enables you to exercise fastest and with more energy. There are many theories why this happens and if musical frequencies or thone changes could do something to our brains processing power or maybe this is just all in our heads and music just overpowers other sounds and lets us concentrate more efficiently.

If we examine music closer we can see that music consists of various frequencies pitches, tones and a lot more so there are countless variables that can be changed so no two songs can ever be completely identical. Of course there are similarities in many modern pop music songs and that is because our brain likes familiar things and when we hear a song that sounds like that other song then unconsciously we like that song and we continue listening to it. But now imagine how all these unpredictable tone and pattern changes can affect our state of creativity. When we listen to music usually it calms us down and allows us to think more clearly because we have anchored our thinking in that tonality or maybe the music just changes our mood revealing some other sides of a problem that we are struggling with. In any case this is a very powerful tool that we need to consider because if it helps then there is obviously some link between music and thinking.
If you are not sure if music really helps you think then turn on some classical music peace or an instrumental masterpiece and just listen to it for a couple of minutes. The key is not to do anything else as this will distract you from listening and understanding the music clearly. When a couple of minutes have passed by start doing your usual creative writing or thinking and you will see that it is somehow improved and you can think more clearly. But this phenomenon does not happen every time as sometime our mood is just bad and then even the most calming tones will not improve our mood.

Another thing to consider when talking about music and creativity is the music types that usually evolve and change over time. If you think about your teen days you probably remember listening to music that is completely different like the music that you like today. Why this happened is not clear to science but there probably is a link between an evolving brain and different music themes as well as some cultural influences that shape the youth. These music types can also be very powerful after experiencing some movie or other emotional event when there was music playing. This thone somehow is ingrained with our emotions and when we hear the same song again then we instantly remember those good or bad emotions that we had at that moment.


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