Music Economy!

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Music is everywhere and we can’t live without it!

That is a fact and music exited us, improves our mood and increases our productivity but in the recent years music playback has migrated from radio stations and CD/Mp3 playback to streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and other similar companies. Lets take Spotify that is a service where you can listen to music for free but you get some commercials in between those songs but if you want to get rid of those commercials you need to pay a premium membership fee that is not cheap and will cost you several Euros every month.

Some people have suggested to take credit and pay for those services but in some cases that is not the best course of action because when the day comes and you need to pay back that credit then you will be I deep trouble and that music will not be so good after all. Of course music increases our productivity, mood and other emotional responses but is that increase with those extra Euros every month? I don’t this that I have come across any case studies where someone has proved that music actually increase productivity and linked it with actual data so it could be a great experiment.

So we cannot know for sure weather music is good or bad for you and maybe the reality is that when you listen to music you cannot productively concentrate on to oher things and so it could actually decrease productivity. I want to see some case studies so if you can find any can you please email me?

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