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music festivals


Lately music festivals have gained new popularity among music lovers all around the world because these festivals let people experience many different bands, musicians and music styles in a course of one or few days.

It is very hard to determine when the music festival culture began, because they happen all over the world and nobody can track every bigger or smaller music festival. But if I had to guess one of the first music festivals could be The Newport jazz Festival in 1954. It gathered more than 11 thousand people and since have grow to be one of the most prominent jazz festivals. A few years later the same people that were behind The Newport Jazz Festival organized a Folk version that too gathered huge crowds.

Another festival that shaped the music festival scene is the Monterey International Pop Festival which first took place in 1967. This was the first huge rock festival and it was a three day event filled with music of different genres eras and places.

And of course looking at the history of music festivals you simply cannot not mention festival that was held in a dairy farm in Bethel, NY in 1969 – Woodstock. This three day festival is the most famous festival even in this day and it have shaped not only the way festivals are held but music in general.

But music festival culture wasn’t born solely in the US. There were and still are many famous music festivals in other countries around the world. A good example here is the Isle of Wight Festival, which first was held in 1968 and later hosted the biggest stars in music world. And of course also the Glastonbury Festival was and still is one of the flagship festivals in the world. The first Glastonbury was held in 1970 in England new town named Pilton and only a year later David Bowie performed on Glastonbury Pyramid Stage.

Those were the festivals that popularized  the music festival culture and nowadays it is going stronger than ever. With festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella, bonnaroo and others thousands of people each year go to one or the other music festival. Now there are festivals the host a variety of music genres and those that are specific to one, for example Austin City Limits Festival for EDM music lovers. And even if you don’t like a certain genre of music there definitely is a music festival out there that will satisfy your wishes, just look.


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