Music Genres and Mood

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Music as we know by now is a very powerful tool that can improve our mood and change our state of mind but how this all happens and why do some songs make you feel good but others just makes everything worse.
To fully answer this question I must first explain some scientific studies that have been conducted and they basically state that if you have a bad mood you can listen to music and improve it but only if the music is specifically designed to to that thing. If you are sad and will listen to joyful tunes it will make everything worse but if you have a whole playlist of slow and calm music that will slowly improve your mood as well as comfort your emotions just like a friend. These findings are very interesting as they state that if you listen to music when you are sad then you need calm and relaxing music but in general people thing the other way round and when they feel sad they try to listen to fast and exhilarating tunes that ultimately make the feeling even worse.

Of course you can improve your mood and your happiness level when you listen to pop or rock but you have to know when is the right time for that particular genre and that is why ultimately we will need music players that will know our taste of songs and play the exact song that will help us concentrate, party or just comfort us in a bad situation.

If you think about modern music players like Spotify then you can see that this industry is already moving to personalized players and personalized music stations but there is still a long way to go while we can get the exact tune that would help us in this exact moment. If you imagine every song that there is on our planet organized into hundreds and hundreds of categories and every category is created for a particular mood then you can also imagine how that data and knowledge would be applied to individuals just like you and me. We usually like songs that are similar to the ones that we have already heard so when designing a system that would know all our music needs we would also need to know what songs do you know and in what categories they fit.

Mood and mindset are very problematic to quantify because they are primarily objective phenomenon and we cannot measure objective things because the persons inner processing can be different and where someone thinks he is in bad mood he actually has depression or something like that. So at the moment we have to keep listening to music that we like and try to find out happiness song list by ourselves.


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