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Music is a big part of our daily lives because we hear music everywhere and we often use music as a way of relaxing or just the opposite – pumping ourselves up for a night out or a workout. That’s why majority of people cannot imagine their lives without some kind of music. Nowadays there are a lot of ways how to listen to music, one of the most popular being listening to music online. So here will be a few of the most popular websites, where you can listen to music.

  • YouTube

For most people YouTube is known as a website where you can watch different type of videos from funny cat videos to latest movie trailers. But a lot of people use YouTube as a way of listening to music. On YouTube you can easily find different versions of many songs from their music videos to unplugged versions so you not only have the variety to chose but they are very easy to find. On top of that you have the ability to create playlists like on most music listening websites so you can listen to your music nonstop.

  • Spotify

Lately a new website and programme have battled its way on top of the list of online music listening. Spotify is a website that allows you to listen to almost all of your favorite artists and bands charge free. And you can even see and follow playlists created by your favorite artists so that you can listen what inspires them and what they like. It is an amazing way how to stream music.

  • SoundCloud

Another website worth mentioning is SoundCloud. This website is not only a great way to listen to music and connect to people, who make this music, but it also is a way of popularizing your own music. You can share your music or simply listen to music shared by your friends or simply random people charge free and on the spot as long as you have internet connection. It is an interactive social sound platform that lets everybody be heard.

  • Pandora

For those who live in US, Australia and New Zealand Pandora is a website where you can listen to your favorite music online. It lets you stream your favorite music as well as give you recommendations about what you should hear next. This website have its own media player that enables you to listen to the music offered on Pandora website. And similarly to previously mentioned websites, Pandora also is free of charge if you are willing to listen to the few advertisements in between every couple of songs.

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